Renter's Guide

Renter's Guide

1.     Define your locations in accordance to your business activity: 

It is particularly important for you to be knowledgeable about the locations in Dubai for commercials.  Most of the location is designated to some specifications. Be aware of Free zone areas and non-free zone areas.

Free-trade zone in Dubai, (FTZs) are special economic zones set up with the objective of offering tax concessions and customs duty benefits to expatriate investors.

Essentially, free zones or free trade zones in Dubai are business zones where companies operating in them are exempt from all types taxation such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax, Corporate Tax and Customs. Business owners in the free zone areas in Dubai have 100% ownership of the business.

Consider accommodation. It is a good note that the area you are having in mind is a location where your employees and clients can reach, being not too far from the business is always the best option. 
2.     Criteria to get the right space:
  • Note into the consideration the following : 

  • è Customize -  would you want to design your own office space? Or you want something ready? Things and do a time allotment for it. 
  • You need to be sure on where you will be more comfortable of. 

  • è How long is the time that you need for preparation? Will you be ready for shell and core? Or you need to start up in one snap? Avoid going on a long process, there are some ready retails and fitted offices on hand in the market. 

  • è How long would you stay in the unit? Do your research and not spend more. 

  • è Number of Employees – would you space enough to your target number of people? 

  • è Number of Parking – make sure you have sufficient parking. Note your chances of renting and buying spaces as well in the building. 

  • è Amenities – This is a good thing that would be an additional point for you, make sure you are having the good amenities you prefer and utilizing it. 
3.     Make sure to achieve your criteria before choosing: 

Always a good thing in mind to choose a reliable specialist agent for the area you are targeting, knowing all the information will help you to have a good space. Ask options you can have on email and carefully review. Then shortlist the most suitable available options. Giving attention on the floorplans will also make you save time and understand the space you are wanting to have. 
4.     Start Viewing:

Choose your top 3 options from the written list you have from your specialist and start giving offers. Carefully compare the photos on your list with what you have seen on viewing to assess the best space. 

Your offers must include: Your annual rent amount, Starting and End date, length of contract, number of cheques and potential grace period.
5.     Review your agreement contract: 

A lot a time to review your contract before signing. 
Points to check:
  1. Breach of Agreement part
  2. No. of allocated parking Spaces
  3. Service Charges
6.     Documentation:

Do not repeat the process when you are already in the middle. 
Make sure that all documentations are settled such as: Cancellation of the Previous Ejari, DEWA Final Bill, Proof of the last paid Service Charge and floorplan with the actual status. 
7.     Procedure of Moving in:

Have a view on the documents required and all the costs involved, and the time frame of how much you need for moving in. Do not lose your time. Plan accordingly. 
8.     Start up with the Ejari and Utilities.